In this ePortfolio you will find my assignments from this semester. These include, my about me, reading logs, my research paper outline and research paper!
To see my history, simply, click on my about me tab, however, if you want to read my life story as well, then go to the link below to access my history 3510 site to read the reasons I chose to pursue the path of becoming an elementary teacher ( The first tab includes my about me as mentioned above, following with the reading logs done weekly throughout the semester to reflect what I took from each reading. I chose to put the majority of these analyses here because I put a lot of time into them and found I learned so much from this process, as I previously stated in my hist 3510 ePortfolio. The next tab is labelled as my research project, which includes my research paper outline and research paper. I chose to research Ontario Asylums from 1850s to the early 1900s, what led me to this topic began with researching mentally ill in the past. However, there is not very much in the past on mentally ill as we see today. Which led me to researching Ontario Asylums, these asylums provided insight on what occurred within the asylums and what led to their closures. My research essay solely focuses on the negative impacts that resulted from the asylums. The last tab included is my reflection on the course, this includes what I personally found most interesting and to keep an open mind within such complex topics such as gender and health.